About Erasmus

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What Is It?

The Erasmus programme, is a premier scheme for students throughout the EU who wish to study abroad. It comes with a series of possible scholarships that are designed to help the students in getting the placement they want. Students are split into categories as scholarship candidates.

Any student of any nationality, studying at a higher education institution which is awarded the Erasmus Charter for Higher Education, can apply. The employment of the students is carried out by “inter-institutional agreements” between the sending and receiving institutions.

The decision on where to go is discussed with the sending Higher Education Institution. The first step for the students would be to apply to their international office and/or Erasmus+ office to get information about the possibilities of studying or doing a traineeship abroa. Also, to apply and to receive an Erasmus+ EU grant.

Scholarships are available for students from within the EU who are required to contribute to some of their funding.

The Opportunities Are Endless

The friends and memories students make on this programme last a lifetime. The Erasmus exchange is one of the greatest culture and character building programmes that you can have in your whole life. This website is designed to help you explore your potential Erasmus destinations and be informed before you go.


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