Erasmus+ KA103 Project

ERASMUS+ Project: Training in Work Centres Abroad for Higher-Level Training Cycles

The Erasmus+ KA 103 mobilities are regarded by the institution as an alternative to the completion of the compulsory module “Training in Work Centres” in the Autonomous Community for the cycles of higher grade. This consists of doing the practices or “training in work centres” in a country other than the US. With different labor, cultural and linguistic rules, with the added value that it supposes for the formation of a student in terms of learning a foreign language and other international practices of work.

All the cycles end with this module of “Training in Work Centres” that consists of practicing in companies from 400 hours, which would be around 3 months. Every year calls are made for you to carry out your practices in some countries of the EU.

All students from the higher education cycles carry out their FCTs in EU countries such as Germany, England, Wales, Ireland, Belgium and Malta. Usually, your college will have contacts in these countries and will help you search the internet for internships to suit you. This Erasmus project is classed as ‘open’, but usually for IES Ribera del Tajo, the main destinations are Munchen Germany, Mainz Germany and London England.