IES Ribera del Tajo

For those lucky enough to be able to come to Talavera de le Reina, you might be interested in knowing a little about the college itself.

IES Ribera del Tajo

IES Ribera del Tajo is a state-run vocational/secondary school located by the Tagus River (Tajo in Spanish), forming a community of around 65 teachers and more than a thousand students.

The School Provides Compulsory Secondary Education:

  • ESO: Compulsory Secondary Education
  • Bachelor: Secondary Education. Access to University and Vocational Training

Vocational Studies in Different Fields, Including:

  • Superior & Medium Degrees:
  • Professional Families
  • Health Care
  • Information Technology
  • Business Management and Administration

The school’s main objective is helping students become responsible adults, with a solid academic, and professional skills, they are ready to face challenges in their lives. In order to achieve this, the school counts on very committed professionals and the necessary facilities for students to make the best of their stay in the IES Ribera del Tajo.

IES Ribera del Tajo Teach a Variety of Different Lessons:

Health Care 

  • Superior Degree 
    Anatomical pathology and cytology
  • Medium Degree
    Auxiliary Nurse


Information Technology

  • Software Development
  • Systems Administration
  • Microcomputer Systems and Networks


Business MGMT & Administration

  • Superior Degree
Administration & Finance
Management assistant (secretarial)


  • Medium Degree
Administrative management

European Projects

At IES Ribera del Tajo they are heavily involved with European Projects, especially the Erasmus+ Programme. Every year a number of students from the college are given the opportunity to participate in work placement in other European Union countries. This activity is funded by the European Union’s Erasmus + KA1.

Students from each of the partnering colleges also come to Talavera on work placement with the college hosting their stay.

IES Ribera del Tajo are also involved in both Student and Teacher projects funded under the Erasmuis + (KA2) program. These include school partnership projects and projects involving the development of educational strategies and products. The development of International projects is an ongoing process and forms a part of the internationalization strategy of the college. Enthusiastic student involvement is essential to the success of these projects.


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