Erasmus+ KA219 Project

Overcoming and Breaking StereoTypes

This project is a three-year academic strategic partnership of the Erasmus + Project, between the following centres:

  • Spain (Talavera): IES Ribera del Tajo
  • Croatia (Rovinj): Srednja Skola Zvane Crnje Rovinj-Scuola Media Superiore u ane Crvje Rovigno.
  • Germany (Münich): Rober-Bosch FOS
  • Italy (Turin): Professional Institute Statale Albe Steiner.
  • Poland (Slupsk): IV Liceum Ogòlnoksztalcace

Students face the challenge of joining the European continent politically, economically, socially and ecologically and contribute to their formation. This union of the diverse cultures and groups of Europe has changed the the way we live in the society. This process is also reflected in everyday life and in the classrooms of all partner schools.

At times, the thoughts and actions of teenagers are due to social stereotypes, and other cultures are considered as “the others” or “different”.

The project will help develop a different view from the ones mentioned above, by doing activitiessuch  as:

  • Films
  • Theater plays
  • Brochures and t-shirts,
  • Creating a website for their project

A public database is then permanently accessible and “overcoming and breaking stereotypes” will be created, which will raise the teaching and online learning units that will also be created in the project.

An institute can not achieve this by itself, it is more productive with the support of other educational centres abroad, which share the same goal. Only then will the various views be complementary and a different vision will be possible.

The logo of this project is “Many Races, One Race”:

During the three years, there will be four mobilities abroad with students from all centres, forming international groups and will carry out all planned activities. The project, which uses English as a stepping stone language, with 120 students in total, 30 Polish students, 30 Germans and 30 French students, who together with 10 teachers will carry out moral activities and mobilities to the four countries that make up the association.

For more detailed information, the management dealing with the Erasmus Programmes in your college will be able to explain how to go about this via your college and what is involved.